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Christina Lembo

Designer, doodler, hand-letterer, collagist



Getting Started With Art Journaling: Create a 2-Page Spread Illustrating One Day in Your Life

Description: Art journaling is an exciting and creative visual way to document your days, hopes and dreams, or explore various art methods without fear. The focus is on the process, and letting go within the pages of a journal can be a revealing and inspiring way to explore your creative side. Facing a blank book can be intimidating, though -- especially if you're not confident in yourself as an artist! Thankfully, art journaling is great for people of all skill levels and interests. Whether you're already in the deep end of the art pool, or just dipping your toes in -- or maybe you have no idea how to swim and the very thought terrifies you -- this class will help you get started with fundamentals, encouragement, and prompts to help you express yourself through art journaling.

Lesson outline

This class will teach students how to start an art journal and create their first spread illustrating a single day or several days in their life.

Students will learn how to:

  • Choose a book for journaling (blank book, altered book, upcycled, etc.)
  • Save items from their days that can serve as fodder for a spread collage (anything and everything can make a great material! Receipts, ticket stubs, scraps of paper, photos, bottle caps, ephemera and memorabilia, flowers, leaves, buttons -- the sky's the limit).
  • Other materials that can go into a spread (vintage or upcycled paper, gesso, paint, stamps, pencils, pens, ink, etc)
  • Preparing your pages
  • Laying down a base layer, choosing colors and a theme
  • Composing the pieces
  • Adhering (gluing in place)
  • Additions and embellishments
  • Lettering or adding words with collage/cut and paste
  • Other creative ideas: cutouts, envelopes, popups, holdouts
  • Prompts for additional spreads: a dream you had, a future goal,a person you met, a place you went, an event, a celebration, a book you read...

Final deliverable: create a two-part spread in your art journal illustrating a single day or several days.

Materials: a blank book or other book suitable as a journal, ephemera and items from your day, paintbrush or foam brush, adhesive (several options), various other art materials as mentioned above

Class outline:

Video 1: introduction (examples, why art journal, deliverable)

Video 2: what is an art journal, choosing a book, materials

Video 3: gathering your materials -- what to save and how to save it, documenting a niece's importance

Video 4: Preparing your pages,choosing a color palette and theme (if appropriate), creating a base layer

Video 5: composition and gluing

Video 6: embellishments, additions, and #lettering/writing

Video 7: more resources, ideas, and prompts


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