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Tom Stratford



Getting Social

"What's my story?"

Good question! I'm a 3D Artist and Animator who is branching out into the world of freelancing. Social media is unquestionably a major factor in any freelance artist's life nowadays and something I've been wanting to get to grips with for quite a while.

A couple of these platforms were new to me, especially Pinterest which I'm looking forward to exploring more.

As I'm still setting up shop all my posts will be 'jabs' for the time being but hopefully it won't be long until I'm ready to throw some 'right hooks' with the aim of attracting some work.

I decided to share some of my work from other Skillshare classes for the content I posted today. Some of these picked up more attention than others, none caused much of a stir! It's still very early days though and I'm looking forward to working at building up a following over the next few weeks.






Thanks for checking out my work! Please let me know your thoughts.


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