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David (Bruckaroni) Bruck

Illustrator, Graphic Designer, Animator



Getting Social with Bruckaroni Toys n' Thangs

Hey guys!

I am still working on Class 3 but already had some social media channels I've been using and I've been revamping them to better fit my brand.

Here is a link to my fan page on facebook

This is my twitter page which ive been trying to use more often lately

and here is a link to my instagram page. This is the page ive been trying to tweak much more and make it mostly professional with a personal moments here and there. I am still developing my brand but will post my photo that sums up my brand as I get further along and have more merchandise.

I also have a personal pintrest page here. This right now I use primarily for inspiration and creating mood boards but after taking this class I tend to start using it for professional purposes as well

Also here are a few links of blogs I follow and write into from time to time and sometimes get published by :)

and then these are some blogs I intend to write into and hopefully get to publish my work someday as well

Thanks for checking out my project!

October 2 2016 Update:

Hey guys! Before I ever started this brand I knew I wanted to do t-shirts design. I am an avid collector and wearer of t-shirts and they are just something I get very excited about. I have finally started my t-shirt thang and wanted to post some social media teasers I created leading up to the big release! Hope you guys like em and thanks for checking it out! :)








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