Getting Smaller + Trouble Trouble Discovery

Getting Smaller + Trouble Trouble Discovery - student project

Getting Smaller

This exercise made me realize how much as a child I loved to have free time to build, explore, and discover new places and things. I really enjoyed setting up scenes and creating backgrounds for my toys. Getting out on my bike away from home seemed like a big adventure. At school, social studies lessons contained great explorer stories and maps. Discovery and freedom were a constant theme. Into my teens things seemed to get much more structured and many of my challenges revolved around limits to my freedom. Things like responsibility seemed to take over.

Trouble Trouble

 My grandmother's challenge was living and working through The Blitz in 1940 London.

The Blitz affected families the most since many children were separated from their parents and sent away from the bombing zones. Return was not approved until 1945

As a result changes:

1) Traumatic effect of separation on children

2) A generation of kids learned to grow up fast and take care of themselves in many instances. The relocations became a literature topic for years to come.

3) Parents were not at ease being without their children and living in a constant state of stress would have mental and physical repercussions

4) Some kids grew to continue living with their new foster families out of the city

5) Children that returned had different perspectives on life outside the city, essentially 2 homes

 Busy Bodies

Funniest thing I overheard: "He must have been kicked in the head by a horse in Wales"


My top 3

1) A farmer who ended up eating the dog's breakfast when he got in late and saw a plate full of various leftovers defrosting on the counter. A kids book about leftovers

2) A good hamburger patty is really just meatloaf, and tastes better than steak, so why doesn't meatloaf get more love? A travel book based around restaurant comfort foods

3) The Grim Reaper is deemed an essential service, but is having a difficult time doing his job due to social distancing. A dark comedy short story