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Getting Set Up to Create My Accordion Folded Artist Book


August 8, 2016

I've now gathered together all the materials to start my class project. So far, I've used the bending test on the big, thick piece of cardboard (which I got from the back of a used-up pad of watercolor paper) in my photo above, and the grain runs along the longest side. I've marked the grain direction with a pencil, although this doesn't show up very well in the photo.

I am thinking of using the colorful square note papers in the photo to make my small-scale model of the book first. I still need to test the grain on these when I have more time. I will probably use white mixed-media paper later to create the larger version of the book.

I've been pondering the subject for my book, and so far, I think will probably experiment with making collages out of parts of some old prints of my artwork that had slight imperfections so that I couldn't sell them, an idea I've been intending to try for a long time. Another possibility is to make the book about our upcoming visit to our favorite seaside town. I'll come back and continue updating this project as I progress...


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