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Getting Set On The Path To Publishing

This is a seminar/workshop that I've delivered twice in real life before; once to my university Creative Writers Club and once during the student union's Women's Week.

Here are some notes for when I delivered the class live:

Learning Schedule

  • Tools such as poets&writers, duotrope
  • A writer’s glossary of publishing terms
  • Cover letters, CVs and Author Biographies
  • Common copyrights, publishing issues and licensing issues.
  • The fine line between blogging and publishing
  • Paid submissions, free submissions, competitions and paid works.
  • Information on the different kind of publishers and presses
  • How to apply skills from small publishing credits (lit mags) to the journey for full book publication
  • What editors want to see and how editors read.
  • How to deal with rejection and celebrate acceptance

Learning Outcomes

  • Writers will understand their rights as authors as they negotiate publication with literary magazines, blogs, zines, journals and anthologies
  • Writers will engage with the language of the publishing and submitting world, and show familiarity with means of submitting and rights.
  • Writers will successfully write a series of cover letters and author biographies to suit different publications; high-brow, intimate and casual, and humorous.
  • Writers will decide on a career path based on either blogging and social media self publication or formal “traditional” publication, or a legal combination of both.
  • Writers will consolidate and employ knowledge of self care and self worth in order to deal with literary rejection, as well as celebrating acceptance in a healthy way.

Delivery & Assessment

  • Class can be delivered as a condensed lecture in 1.5 hours, or participatory workshop over 3-4 hours.
  • There is no assessment. Students are welcome to correspond with the tutor as to the progress (or lack thereof) of any literary submissions after the class, and seek guidance or congratulations as appropriate.

I would like to alter and change the course to suit a skillshare audience.


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