Getting People to Buy Without My Going Crazy

Getting People to Buy Without My Going Crazy - student project

Getting People to Buy Without My Going Crazy - image 1 - student projectI am starting out overwhelmed!

I love my book, Instructional Design That Soars: Shaping What You Know Into Classes That Inspire” and know it will help many people. My policy right now is to give away as many copies as I possibly can, beliveing that this will elicit not only good karma, but more sales.

I'm overwhlemed because I learned a whole bunch of stuff about book promotion and marketing all at the same time. Typical of me (even if I don't have the skills yet) I decided to take it all on simultaneously. Therefore, I:

1. got four videos made, for my website, YouTube and Amazon (of course they're not up yet)

2. found and hired someone to convert my book, which is highly illustrated and graphic, into electronic formats. Since I am not a technical person, this seems like exceedingly weirdo magic to me. And of course, I don't own an ipad or kindle, so can't check out the final iterations quite yet.

All this stuff is pending, and the ambiguity is driving me insane.

My project goal (I think) is to figure out how to best integrate my book into the workshops I already give. I want organizations to pay more for the workshops and provide a book to each participant as an integral part of each training session. I know that the only way to make money is to sell books in bulk, and i have the perfect vehicle...IF I can figure out how best to do it.

OR--a more immediate project would be simply to create an Action Plan using the document Laura will provide, and follow through with ALL the activities I choose. I think I can do both these goals simultaneously, since I'll be doing the workshops anyway. I'm in the midst of learning about Amazon, so Laura's tips about that are extremely relevant right now.

I'm looking forward to input and help from all. This is my beginning point--this class couldn't have happened at a better time!


I'm not actually sure if I am writing this in the correct place.

I have thought about and chosen from Laura's tips (see below). But I also want to reflect on my original question-how to best integrate selling the book into the workshops I currently do. I just had my very first experience with this challenge, so I would like to debrief it.

I was worried about coming off "swarmy" so decided NOT to ask by client in advance if it would be OK to bring books to sell at my workshop. (I had an image of some used-car salesman type using a "workshop" as a sales ptich to sell books at the back of the room.) She didn't know anything about me, so probably would have denied my request, sight unseen. I took a chance but decided not to ask for permission, knowing I might have to apologize!

So I brought ten books into the training room, wondering how I could mention them without sounding "sales-y." I mentioned tips that could be found in the book a couple of times the first day of the two-day workshop. Then, to my happiness, the head of the Training Dept told the class she would buy some the next day for their use. I was SO excited. My plan had worked! I had more books in my car, and pictured selling one per 15 participants, at $20.00/book! I'd be RICH!

She ended up buying three (I hid my disappointment), and then two participants asked to buy one each at the end of the training. So I made a total of $100 selling 5 books. I'm going to be in the same situation for the next few workshops, which were contracted for even before the book was published.

In the future, I must figure out a way to bundle the book into the contracted fee. During the contracting period, I'm wondering how to reinforce the book's helpfulness as a resource to EACH participant during the training, as well as afterwards. Maybe give a cost for:

up to 10 books ($20/ea)?

10-30 books ($15/ea)? This price includes all taxes. The retail cost is $24.95.

I just have to get more confident about talking about how helpful my book is to the participants (which it is), and get over my shyness and discomfort about "selling." After all, I market my workshops all the time--but am not yet used to suggesting an "add-on" of any sort. I don't want to come off as pushy or greedy!

One last thing about this--I'll have to pay Alaska Airlines an exra baggage fee, I believe, to bring my books up there for my workshop next week--YECCH!! It would have been much better had I been able to bundle them into the contract and ship them before traveling. However, I want to have plenty on hand to sell, een though I'm still embarassed by doing oso.

OK, here is my plan based on Laura's tips, as well as a few of my own:



APRIL 2013

Note: ENTER EACH IN CALENDAR BY 5/13. Return to watch each related video when beginning the task. Task considered “finished” when 1-3 activities have taken place in that category.




1. AMAZON. Improve Amazon page to the MAX: video, more photos, integrate keywords, etc. Find out how to ship books sold by Amazon by myself. Request my Group #6 for reviews and re-request from first groups. (Tips 10 and 11)

Also-upload e-books (.mobi and .epub versions will be finalized by 5/06).



2. MEDIA ANGLES. (Tip 5)


Begin May 27th

Ongoing, evaluate July 5th


3. MEDIA PAGE/KIT (I resist this strongly. Get over it.) (Tip 6)


Explore May 31-June 2






5. HOW TO PITCH (Tip 8) 


Week of June 10th

Week of June 10th



Week of June 17th

Week of June 17th

7. CONTACT INGRAM FOR $200 DISTRIBUTION. (Patrick Snow’s recommendation)


Week of May 13th

Week of May 13th

8. COMMIT TO TWITTER. (I resist this strongly. Get over it.) (Tip 19)


Begin May 13th

Ongoing, evaluate July 5th


Explore SHRMs, NWPODN, PNBA’s Fall Tradeshow, etc.

Begin June 24th

Ongoing, evaluate July 5th




Make sure it’s what you want to do

Evaluate July 5th






June 28

July 12th



July 29th

Evaluate Aug 23

This class has been incredibly helpful, and I can't believe it came when it did in my book marketing process. Thank you, Laura!