Elissa Merola

Product Manager



Getting Past My Halfway Point

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Goals for 2013:

• Lose 40lbs (220lbs --> 180lbs)

• Get rid of my fitness ADD

• Keep my fitness routine to spinning, running and weight lifting

• Use my UP tracking wristband and track my calories ALL YEAR LONG

• Buy a road bike and go biking as often as possible

• Use yoga for stretching and relaxation (not as a workout)

New Habits

• Tracking my calories & macros, sleep and daily passive calorie burn.

• Using my spin bike more

To Dos

• Create & Follow a workout routine (cardio x3, resistance x3)

     • 30 minutes run or bike  ( M | W | F )

     • Weight lifting or Body weight routine  ( T | Th | S )


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