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Getting Over the Rainbow

This is a bit of a first for me.

I'm an untrained artist with minimal freelance experience looking to flex my creativity muscles with this project. Making a safety pamphlet is probably one of the last things I would have ever considered doing, so hopefully that will really get my gears cranked.

Why I'm doing this project

I'd like to get more graphic design/illustration experience

I want to learn to better communicate messages through imagery

I want to explore online resources and inspiration 

Basic Concepts

I'd like to keep things simple and clean with an emphasis on line. I'd prefer the colours to be flat/gradient to focus on the actual images and information. Because I'm Canadian I'm going to try my hand at making this bilingual, which means I'll have to keep it as streamline as possible.

My plans going into the project:

Keep the palette 5 colours or less

Try and cut out as much language as possible

Focus on 'In Case of Emergency' info while still including basic plane etiquette 

I might create some signage for inside the plane to add emphasis on points I can't focus on in the pamphlet. That way the safety info can be more fluid throughout teh passengers experience.

Next steps
I have yet to choose my plane 

I'm debating whether or not I want to stick with a standard plane, a blimp, or a ship from one of my favourite Sci Fi shows...

I'm compiling inspiration and examples


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