Getting My Life Back

I've gone from a healthy 150lbs to a horrible 245lbs in the past 6 years. I was in a horrible car accident about 5yrs ago which left me with many injuries, major one is my leg/hip, which limits my abilities while I continue to strengthen it.

1. Get back to eating healthy and as clean as I can. I married an Italian... ya we eat poorly but its oh so good!! We usually eat quick things and when he cooks its never really healthy. So I want to fix up the dishes so we can keep them but in a better healthier way.

2. Learn to jog again. With my leg as weak as it is I find it hard to walk 3mi. I did my first 5k last summer than got lazy and went back to zero. I want to push myself every day to get back to jogging, even if its just 3mi.

3. Do something daily. I work from home all but 3 days a month. With my job I have to sit at a desk all day with no ability to walk around (standing doesn't work with our systems and the phones and it kills my leg). So I want to make sure every day I do something. Even if its just 30min of yoga I need to move

4. Get up to 6k steps per day. I have a FitBit... I need to get my steps up!

5. Learn to pick up thing correctly. Due to the accident I was in my daughter is handicap and requires us to do everything for her. Picking her up and transfering her from wheelchair, tub, activity chair, floor mat, etc is getting harder the bigger she gets! I want to get stronger and better so I can take better care of her.

The Change I've started is calorie reduction. I'm an emotional eater and a carb addict. Trying to limit both of those as much as I can. I keep track of everything I eat with MFP and only eating for a 8hr time period each day.


Updated 1/24/13

I've been doing really well with my changes, a little at a time, and have lost 7.1lbs over the last 2 weeks! The videos posted helped me updated my plan where needed but all and all I think I'm set! Now to just get the husband on board and we'll be great!

1. I hate breakfast but find that if I dont have something I binge later since I get so hungry. So I have a Greek Yogurt (80cal) in the morning with my coffee. Just that change leads me to lunch being usually fruit, string cheese (50cal), and a protein. Than dinner has been veggies and protein (sometimes brown rice)

2. I can't start this till it gets warmer outside. I only have 1 fully working lung or the cold really effects me, plus the fact I've only been in MI for 5years (I miss my warm weather back home!)

3. I found a quick little workout that I now do every day no matter what. 50 jumping jacks, 50 butt kicks, 5 pushups, 20 crunches, 20 mountain climbers, 30sec plank. As I get stronger I plan on adding reps/time but for now the basic plan I found is working!

4. This has still been hard for me. I average around 3k but this past weekend managed to get it up to 6k both days. Its a work in progress!

5. I've been focusing more on squats and when I do lift trying to take the extra focus time to keep my body right and lift with the legs not the back. So far my back feels better... just not my thighs! :p

I am Helkaahaien on Fitocracy, Sushifish87 on MFP, Kay M on Endomondo, and Kay on Fitbit.

Project Milestone: Share Proof of one positive fitness habit change: I haven't logged on Fitocracy in awhile since a lot of my workouts aren't able to be posted on their site (its not on their list or anything like it) and it doesn't link up with Fitbit or Endomondo which I can use without logging! (hint hint!) But I updated it with my recent workouts so there is proof as well we MFP log which I update all day from my phone. Feel free to add me on either site ^.^

Calorie Counter

I try to put my food in so I don't eat more than I should. This is today's total:

Totals 1,110 137 20 105  
Your Daily Goal 1,410 194 47 53  
Remaining 300 57 27 -52  
  Calories Carbs Fat Protein  


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