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Getting MAGNOLIA postered up and vibrant.

Naturally, I'm at the very beginning of the project. So I have nothing to show for it as yet.

Except for a DVD box of a movie I really enjoyed... MAGNOLIA.

I decided to go with something I know. Since I want my poster to tell a story, I figured I need to have some sort of connection with the material. 

I'm going to let my imagination run with this one. No preconceived ideas of what I want the poster to be. 

My aim is to let the tutorial shape my thinking.


Headed off to Wikipedia to get a synopsis of the film. I saw it so long ago, I can't really remember the details. Can't recall at all why the damn thing's called "Magnolia" in the first place.

This line caught my eye:

"The film is a mosaic of interrelated characters in search of happiness, forgiveness, and meaning."


Some scamps.


Using activated diagonals on the top two. Using the miraculous frog and gun rain of the movie.

The third one is a frog looking upward, at some frog legs just entering the frame.

The fourth one is just a designy kinda play on what a magnolia looks like, using Anderson's "greens, browns, and off-whites" as the palette.


First stab at a poster, using my interpretation of Paul Thomas Anderson's aesthetic...



And here's my second stab at a poster for Magnolia. This time, I'm going as minimalist as my taste allows. Again, I'm using the activated diagonal, with the frog looking up into the paint drip rain, to see the leg of another frog entering the frame. The lettering for the film title is broken up, and is also raining down. I like this lettering approach for this film, because one of the key themes (and the biggest plotting tool) is coincidence, and the convergence of coincidence. Here it is...



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