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Getting Higher

My love for the outdoors started when I was 15 years old, I found a book in the trunk of a car titled, “Trails of the Angeles: 100 Hikes in the San Gabriels.”   At age 16, driving gave me the freedom to explore these trails.

Fast forward 13 years, and I have just graduated from the Sierra Club’s, Wilderness Travel Course.  Just about every time I got 2 days in a row off work, I was in the Sierra’s hiking and climbing.  I was pretty fit, but I was also pretty heavy.   A few months later, I got married.  That began the slow moving avalanche that moved me away from the mountains.  In NO way do I blame the marriage, but I, and only I, allowed life to get in the way.  The mountains are what kept me fit.

In 2011, I returned to the Sierra’s.  They are as beautiful now, as they were back then.  I put my boots to the trail, and died.  My love was still strong, but my fitness was not.  I trudge along trails, attempting to climb some summits.  I failed, far more than I succeeded.  It was demoralizing.  I was the slow old guy, who held up the group.  Probably more significantly, I gained fear.  A fear of heights, I had no control over.  Class 3 routes now frightened me.

I have been attempting to regain that fitness for the past 12 months.  Progress has been painfully slow.  Slow enough that I recently texted one of my friends saying, “…there must be something medically wrong with me!”

I have known the answer, but I have not applied the solution.

My fitness action plan:

Continue training on the trails 3-5 days a week. 

Add in 1-2 days a week of weight training.

Mix it up by getting on the mountain bike. 

Keep my heart in my training zone.  Let the HRM assist me in listening to my body.

I know this alone is not the answer.  What I need is to greatly clean up my diet.  I am a sugar addict.

My Diet action plan:

                Keep a food log to track my intake.

                Eat cleaner, eat foods that will build my body. 

                Greatly regulate my simple sugars and processed foods.  Goodbye Starbucks!

To track my goals, I need measurable.  I will use these to keep track of my progress and make adjustments to my Action Plan as needed.

                Lose 33 pounds – current is 258, goal is 225.

                Top out the Vital Link Trail – current average is 54 minutes, goal is 45 minutes

                Travel 1,000 miles in 2013 by foot.


             C L I M B    H I G H E R



I have decided to add a few goals for 2013:

     10 unassisted pullups

     Mount Whitney in a day (22 miles, abt 6,000ft gain)

     I will measure myself weekly, weight and waist.

What I have done to start towards my goals:

     I have been active every day.  On my "off" day, I walk.  I have started doing bw exercises and weight exercises.  I will strive more for muscle build-up than weightloss (because I know the loss will come with exercise and diet).

     I have cleaned up my diet, not at 100%, but a WHOLE lot better than before.  I am tracking my intake, and keeping my calories down, but not so far down to burn muscle.


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