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Getting All Modern 'n Stuff

I started out with Eleanor Winter's Mastering Copperplate Calligraphy which was fantastic to learn from, but now want to learn to write in a modern calligraphy style as well. Eventually I'd like to use these skills in my graphic design work :)

I would very much appreciate any feedback!


23 Feb 2014

Had a bit of fun with a simple composition :) I can see some mistakes now I've taken a photo, but pretty happy with it overall! Feedback is very my appreciated.

Ain't no mountain high enough

11-23 Feb 2014

I haven't been updating here but I have been practicing! I ended up going back to my copperplate oblique nib after some experimentation, since I haven't been able to source the suggested one locally and the straight nibs I used I found difficult to work with. I'm getting the hang of being more playful with the baseline and other elements. Molly's video showing her thought process whilst coming up with a composition was really helpful. On to experimenting with different styles more next.


11th Feb 2014

Humble beginnings so far: lowercase a-n. Making do with what I can find locally, I'm using a Mitchell's Post Office Pen 0784F nib, Parker's Qink and a Rhodia dotted sketch pad. Since I started with the copperplate elbow nib this straight one is taking some getting used to. I'm also finding it hard to break out of the habit of following a very strict baseline and angle.


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