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Getcha: Whatcha Need?

User Stories:

1) As a college intern in the theme parks of Lake Buena Vista FL, I eat a lot of takeout. Hours are long, it's not unlikely that I'm still juggling classes, and I place a high premium on my free time. Often, I just don't want to cook. It's quite likely that I don't have a vehicle.

2) As a theme park intern in Lake Buena Vista, FL I want access to more food options that deliver. Pizza and Chinese get old really quick.

3) As an intern in LBV, I have limited funds. If I spend those limited funds on delivery I want to spend those funds on food, not  outrageous markup,  limiting minimums and tips for drivers that arrive hours late.  I'm not spending $12 to have a ginourmous cold burrito brought to the front gate of my apartment complex.

4) As an intern in LBV, there's quite a bit of affordable food options. Under normal circumstances, they might be within walking distance. However, after a long day of dealing with literally hundreds of thousands of tourists the last thing I want is a four mile hike for a Doritos Locos Taco. A cab is too expensive, and any cramped bus I get on before it's time to head back to work is taking me straight to booze. Lots and lots of booze.

5) As an intern in LBV, I want to be able to get takeout delivered from any restaurant in the area, without an outrageous wait, without a ridiculous minimum order, and without an insane delivery fee that doesn't include a tip for the driver.

6) As an intern in LBV there are at least three options for groceries where I live. If I'm among the thousands without a vehicle, their proximity to where I live leaves me with two options:  Using the bus or coordinating with a roommate / coworker. Using the bus can limit the space to carry what is needed and both options require having to plan the excursion on a timetable that is not my own. I want to be able to get what I need, when I need it.

7) As an intern in LBV I'd prefer to use my free time on a beach day, a trip to Miami, or just about anything that isn't grocery shopping. By the time the crowds find Walmart no amount of pixie dust can make their inner children and the kids they brought with them more Lost Boys than Lord of the Flies. 

8) As an intern in LBV I want to be able to order grocerices from the supermarkets in my area, and have them delivered without the added combination of a minimum, delivery fee, and 18% gratutiy.

9) As an intern in LBV I want to be able to do this online, or with any smartphone or device. I fully expect the experience to at least attempt to mimic the level of both design and service that I'm surrounded by every day. I'm quite often fakin it till I make it out here, and anyone who wants my business needs to do that as cost effective and realiably as I do everyday.

10) As an intern in LBV I just might end up relocating here when my internship is completed. As a local, I'm going to want this service.

Getcha is a prepaid delivery service that specializes in food and groceries. It uses technology, design, and more than a little bit of gumption to turn Demand Response Transport  principles found in the National Research Council's Transportation Research Board into low cost, market ready solutions that meet specific needs of targeted areas. By focusing the scope of its business on a scalable, cost effective structure to maintain financial and operational control, Getcha is able to allow incrimental adoption of sharing economy strategies to foster sustainable growth. At it's core, Getcha is an effort to develop insight into solutions to Demand Density issues in transport enterprises that pay for themselves as rapidly as possible. And to free the Zinger Mountain Melt from the bondage of dine-in.


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