Getaway Cheese platter & Seasonal fruits

I thought these lovely fruits bought yesterday would be perfect for the shoot! It's almost summer here in Auckland...

I grabbed an old french linen teatowel that works well because if it's not ironed it's all scrunched. I had the idea from a photo of apricots in linen that I pinned on pinterest a while back. I set up near a window.

The first shot above I tried at around 90 degrees 2.8 aperture and 800 ISO. Too much focus on the strawberry...

The second above shot I used the same settings only came down at eye level. I don't think that this angle worked for this shot with the strawberry in focus also

The third I still used the same settings only shot from above. Not bad but not my favourite.

The fourth and final I changed the ISO to 640 and kept it at 2.8. I used a reflector with this one.  I also moved the fruit around and the linen to show the old stitching in it. This is my favourite because of the movement of the fabric and the angle

I really enjoyed doing this and the tips from Julia about light direction and also the three angles to shoot gave me a lot of confidence.


Hi Julia and everyone,

I'm away for five days at the moment and renting an old house by the ocean. I had to get creative and use what was in the kitchen and our holiday food. I decided to go with cheese!

Starting off I tried a graphic shot from above of the cheese plate on the red(ish) laminex bench. See below:

I then changed tactic and arranged the cheese on a bread board and shot at 90 degrees and from above.

Julia my favourite from the cheese is the last one on the board shot from above. I like the texture of the wood and seeing the cut marks. I really don't know whether to choose this or the last of the fruit series for the competition...!!! Hmmm, I think I'll go with the last of the cheese because I spent so much time on this series. 

It's been fun, I'm learning how to use an SLR so this has been a great project.


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