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Chuong Nguyen-Thanh

Content Manager


3 - "Festival Outfitter & News Source For The Dazed & Confused"

The idea behind the inception of Festy was to create an online platform for the festival-going community, where shopping, news, and community engagement all merge to create a lifestyle-oriented website. 

In recent years, we've seen an explosion in the popularity of music festivals all over the world. And while, more and more people are flocking to music festivals far and wide to see their favorite artists perform, there is still a major issue that people run into when planning for a festival trip - preparation. From choosing the right festival to go to, which headlining and up-and-coming acts to see, to finding and buying the things that they'll need to have a fun (and relatively clean) time, it is our observation that festival-goers get headaches before the festival even starts, when we all know that the Advil should be saved for the trip home. Enter Festy - the go-to site for all the festival-goer's needs. Information, crazy props, crazy outfits, toiletries, you name it and if it's something that you need or want for a festival, chances are, Festy is offering it. Festy's goal is to give the festival-goer the best possible experience they can have when they're actually at the festival by removing all the tedious and mundane concerns that go into the preparation phase. 

From a bird's-eye view, Festy can be broken down into two categories: the e-commerce portion where users can find and purchase goods for both survival and play, and the media portion where users can read about festival-related content, e.g. top ten lists, festival guides, fashion tips, etc., and watch video content that brings updates from around the music festival scene - currently partnered with TV personality Dylan Landon to produce the 'ElectroNightLive' video series. 

The Festy store is an online shop that carefully curates the best festival novelty and essential items from product vendors all over the internet. Festy itself is also offering users a unique item directly sourced from the Festy team - the Festy 'survivel kit' (for both him and her).


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