Get your first 20 clips on Pond 5

Get your first 20 clips on Pond 5 - student project

Pond 5 is one of the largest stock agencies on the Internet today. There are many stock agencies on the web at the moment, but I recommend you start with Pond 5. A lot of the work you put into getting your collection on-line can be leveraged later for the other agencies. Pond5 is also known to generate sales.

to complete this project

  • Create an account on pond 5
  • Film at least 20 video clips on your travel or in your locat area (check the format on Pond 5's site before filming)
  • You can film landmarks, people, food, or even objects
  • Create 20 video clips. You may need to pick your best 10 to send to Pond 5 for approval
  • Wait for approval
  • When you are done send us a link to your profile. You're done.

Here is my on-line profile to get an idea

Greg Hung
Travel Videographer