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Get to know you


This is my first time doing this challenge, so I don't know if this is right or not...

We were told to post an outline of our course and what project is going to be in that course..So this is it...hope it is right,, but if it isn't, I am sure someone will let me know

An introduction into my course and what my project is

Hi, my name is Gaynor Vine, and my classes are aimed at helping people find the beauty in themselves.

I have been working on this with my own life for a few years. I started it because I had noticed that my mind was so busy focusing on what everyone wanted, that I wasn't really focusing on me. All I was doing was trying to fit into the roles that I had been given, the roles in work, the worry about finances, being a parent, and the whole story of how I fitted into society. I saw that pressures like this were put on us all of the time, and my mind was constantly on these things. There was nothing really about me having a good life, the only stories that I saw of me in my mind, were how I fitted into someone else’s life and what role I played for them.

When I thought about this, I realised that I didn’t know who I was, or what I wanted for my life. I was so tired of doing this all of the time, and listening to all of those stories that were making me ill, so I decided to take my mind off the stories for a little while and focus on me instead. And because I began to doing something nice for myself everything changed, it changed how I saw the world, and this also changed things with the people around me. We were all experiencing changes, but I noticed we were all experiencing something different, and from this I realised that nobody else on this planet has had the same experiences that I have had in the same order that I experienced them, which is the same for everyone else. And when I looked at it that way I realised how beautiful this is, that each of us is experiencing our own unique experience and vision of this world. And that is why I want to teach people to focus on their bodies and their own stories, so that they can see how truly spectacular their own journey is

If you do decide you want to take this class, then you will listen to a preparation video, giving you the image of what’s it might be like if you were focused on yourself. You work on preparing yourself for the challenge, telling yourself you can do it and how it will help you.

You take part in the exercise plan, which is to focus on the body and the breath and build up your energy. In this exercise you visualise yourself getting stronger and creating a new life.

During this journey you have a journal, which you document your thoughts on all of this, your experiences and any ideas that come to you. Doing this, you will be documenting your journey, and you will begin to get a picture of who you are and the things you would like to do in your life.

You do this for a week, and write about the changes that you are experiencing and whether you mind is calmer, or if you feel like you have more energy. I am interested to see what comes out of this, so please post about the things you were learning on the project page.



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