Get ready for cake!

Get ready for cake! - student project

I kept this fairly simple to follow the techniques and set up for letterpress. I used Photoshop CS4.

1. Sketch

I made a lot of thumbnail sketches and noticed a common theme of forks, so I went with a sketch showing lots of forks all grabbing the last slice of cake. 

Get ready for cake! - image 1 - student project


2. Building artwork in Photoshop

I'm using two colours, switching between solid shapes and outlines.

Get ready for cake! - image 2 - student project


3. Adding outlines in ink

I used a dip pen and ink to create outlines, scanned into Photoshop.

Get ready for cake! - image 3 - student project


Get ready for cake! - image 4 - student project


4. Digital Proof

I wanted the forks bleeding off the page, so I added a 3mm bleed all the way around.

Get ready for cake! - image 5 - student project


5. Mock up

I used resources from Retro Supply and to create a mockup of how the card might look when printed.

Get ready for cake! - image 6 - student project


6. Thoughts

I'm not 100% happy with the finished illustration, but after sketching thumbnails for a few evenings, I decided in the end just to choose something in order to learn the techniques. It's mainly the lettering that isn't working for me. I think I should have sketched out a few versions of this to get it right. I'm also not sure if it 'reads' as a slice of cake, so it might have worked better to just draw cake without type. I think this project would look better with more texture and handmade marks, which I didn't realise was possible with letterpress before! Finally, the colours might look better as a pastel pink and black. I'll probably revisit this class in the future, so any constructive feedback is much appreciated! Thanks for checking out my project.