Get off my squishy butt!!

My goal this year: First, get off my butt again. Second, train for 5k and beginner triathlon. Third, lift heavy stuff ..often. Fourth, Make it a lifelong goal. 

As a child, I was always outside. I played football, kickball, anything that would get me outside. Despite all of my activites, I was still teased because I was a little taller or bit more round than my classmates. One event always stuck in my head. I was in the sixth grade. A classmate was moving to a different state and my teacher wanted to wish her good luck. So she picked the two biggest people to get up and pat her on the back.Guess who was one of the well-wishers? Me and a boy who was maybe 6 feet. I was so embarassed but I couldn't say no to the teacher. Things like this occurred throughout my entire pre-teen and teenage years. WhenI hit my twenties, I started taking a interest in my health and added exercising to my daily routine. I would walk, do tae-bo and dance. I never reached a single digit clothing size but I was happy with my weight and size. Somewhere along the years, I started to work a lot and I lost interest in my health. I got engaged and moved to another state, so my health was on the back burner. I became pregnant and oh boy that was an eye opener. It was difficult as hell. Heart burn, sciatic pain and the scariest, gestational diabetes. I had to take insulin shots, check my blood sugar 4 times a day and see a diabetes specialist every week. It was scary and also a revelation. I never wanted to go through that, ever. So I'm taking small steps. I'm also sticking to my motto: "It's for life." Meaning I'm not in it for a few weeks or months. I'm not taking any short cuts or quick results crap. I'm in it for life. :D 

My first fitness action plan is to complete my 5K training,attend the Zombie Run on May 19th and to take swimming lessons at the YMCA. I joined Black Girls Run last year and that was the best choice I made. This group of chicks are so motivating and uplifting. Inspirational to see chicks my size out there running 4,5, and even 13 miles!!! My fitness habit will be to incorporate more veggies and fruit to each meal. I get lazy sometimes and I won't take the time to add some veggies or even a piece of fruit to my meal. 


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