Get my waist-to-hip ratio below 0.80

There are so many goals I'd love to choose!  But the one that seems to move me closer to most of them is to lower my waist-to-hip ratio.  It's currently sitting at 0.85 (as I lose weight my hips seem to lose inches much more quickly than my waist ... *sigh*), and I'd like it to drop to 0.80 for health as well as vanity :)

This will also help me reach my goal of being able to see my ab muscles that I've been developing through my workouts the past several months *and* my goal of looking good in a bikini this summer!  I have less than 5 lbs to get to my ultimate goal weight, so it's more about toning up than losing tons of weight at this point for me.

I'm open to any and all suggestions on what types of workouts will be best to help me reach this goal :)  Right now I don't have access to a gym - just have a treadmill and some hand weights, as well as the Insanity DVDS (which have made huge changes in my upper body strength so far - yes, I was very weak when I started).


January 21st - Ive managed to get up the past three mornings and work out before the kids are up.  It's so nice to get it out of the way early in the day.  My hamstring feels like it's cramping up today, so I might take it easy tomorrow.  

January 24th - I'm still getting up early in the morning, resulting in workouts 5 out of the past 6 mornings.  In addition, I've been eating relatively well and drinking water.  So far, so good!  I think getting up early will be my 'one change,' since it makes it much easier to get my exercise in.


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