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Get in there!


Yesterday was Halloween, and it was raining. I was in front of the bakery down the street from my apartment, and blocking my entry were three people covered in rain gear from head to toe. The only indication that they were trick-or-treaters was their candy bags. The largest one, I think a Mom, said to the littlest one, "well, get in there and get some!" The businesses always give away candy or cookies in this case, to the kids. It reminded me of a time when I volunteered to take little kids around the college dorms to trick-or-treat and I was dismayed to see the boys always pushing their way to the front and the girls timidly waiting in the back not speaking up if they got overlooked. It illustrated to me the fact that women are sometimes raised to be quiet and polite, which hurts them in competing for anything. Men sometimes say today, that women don't get better pay and better jobs because they don't step up and go after such things. The idea that you are not raised to be agressive I believe plays a big part. So things need to change. More moms need to tell their little girls to get in there and get some!

By the way on that Halloween decades ago I told those little girls "you won't get any candy if you wait back here, you have to step up to the front where the boys are." 



Well, I'm depressed after searching online with search terms like girl power and feminism. A huge portion of the results I got were photos of half-naked models with their butts and boobs hanging out. I took the terms "women, girl and feminist" off the search query, and surprise, my results changed dramatically. That's an issue for another day...this piece is meant to be positive. An anthem. Moving on, here is my inspiration board. (I love the meme of Iggy Pop.)



I started with the soft treatment. I thought a curvy script would be suitable. Maybe a flower like a woman would wear a flower confidently in her hair.


After reading Mete's suggestions, I tried varying the scale of some of the words to create emphasis. I left the drop shade on the letters open so that if I finish it in photoshop I can fill with a darker shade. This version is meant to be the Medium tone.


For my last version, I took the suggestion to try different materials, so I have sketches using pointed pen, brush markers and brush and ink. I could see doing 100 more of the brush and ink versions before I was completely happy with it, but it does make some interesting shapes. 


Here is the one that got the closest to what I was intending. I was using the girlboss image from my mood board as a reference. 


My attempts at pointed pen were not as interesting nor felt like the loud version I was after. 


But I thought about what I liked on my mood board the most and it was the superheroes and little kids since I see this as a great message for kids. The show Schoolhouse rock came to mind and I did the last sketch above with the idea of bold, dimensional letters stacked in a pile...then I looked up the actual image online.


The lettering style here is what I want to go for for the Loud version.

Here is a final sketch with a little supergirl on top. 


And after photoshop treatment, here is the colorized version, with a subtle rock texture added to the big letters and softened background edge as shown in the video. Colored to look like a comic, with bright, cheery colors. I think the dimension works well in this piece. I think the girl could look better, but was trying to make it look comic booky style. 


Fun project, exploring one phrase multiple ways. Thanks Mete for the class!

Another version without a faded background....



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