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Get grip of language

For addicting additional words to the vocabulary here is a tip.

Learn only a few words each day - that is it. No more no less 3-5 words a keep that going every day and you will boost your vocabulary in no time.

When you get in hand with your new language try to think of it as much as you can.

For instance you are watching some TV dialog on your native language - why not translate it immediately.

You are having a conversation with your friends, why not thinking about it in your new language, you can also make fun with them by answering the questions in another language - trust me the looks on their faces will be priceless.

Learn the grammar in more logical and fun way, remember the patterns and it will come automatically when needed, similar to driving a car, at first you were looking for the pedals and everything, but over time it comes automatically. Grammar is the key to the new world of the foreing language.

You are making tremendous progress with your language, great news, but over time you are not progressing as before. Do not worry this is natural for everyone of us.

Don't know the word - try different that is similar and connect it with the meaning of the sentence. (phrases, phrases phrases)

Remember everything what you have learned so far, it will be easy now.

Go and buy comic books, dictionary, newspaper in that language to get those words in your brain constantly.

Listen to their music, radio stations, or watch movie with native language subtitles.

What I like to do is to search random music in that language and try to figure out the words, and the meaning of the whole song - if you liked that song even better.

Every new push you do will get you off from the mental barrier and language station.

Allez allez


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