Get fit

Years before, starting from a teenager I started to become one of the fat kids in the class. 

First year at college as a Computer Science undergraduate I was really fat, that in second year I decided to workout. I worked out at home, did spinning and other cardio exercises, also lifted some weights. 

In third year I was slim, but too slim for me. Even though I wasn't fat I was kind of weak physically. 

Fourth year, I enrolled to a gym, got a little bit more fit. But still kind of slim and weak.

Fifth year (last year), got more stressed with college projects and freelance projects, didn't get enough sleep, skipped most of my workout days, eventually until I didn't workout for 3 months in a row. I started to become fat again. I thought that my jeans started to shrink but in reality it was me who was becoming fat again. 

This year, as one of my new year's resolution I decided to go frequently to the gym again and workout. I did also enrolled to a swimming course (don't know how to swim yet), which starts next week. This time I want to become fit, have noticeable abs and a great beach body. 

My workout plan for each week:

  • Monday - Gym (Chest and shoulders - and abs)
  • Tuesday - Running/Swimming
  • Wednesday - Gym (Legs and lower abs - and abs)
  • Thursday - Running / Swimming
  • Friday - Gym (Biceps and triceps - and abs)
  • Saturday - Rest
  • Sunday - Running
  • January 24th 2013

    Great start, I've jjust updated to write my workout plan for each week, which is my normal weekly routine, but slightly modified.

    Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday are always only cardio days because of time. I used to go out in the neighborhood to run, but this time I have swimming class, since I enrolled just two weeks ago (No, I didn't know how to swim... or I must say, I still don't know how to swim but I'm able to float now :)).

    I haven't weighted myself, but I can say that even tough it still isn't like before, those jeans don't feel THAT SMALL anymore! :)

    I hope I keep up and don't skip any workout!


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