Get fit enough to spin

For as long as I can remember, I have always had a negative body image. Poor self esteem leads to no drive. Combine that with absolutely horrific depression at one point (of which I never fully sought therapy for so that I could learn how to work around my issues), and you've got one hell of a problem.

Weight loss isn't going to be the fix, and I understand that. Instead, I want to become good at something physically so that I can learn to love and appreciate myself. Two of those things that has held my interest for a loooong time is pole dancing and belly dancing. Both involve being fully confident and a willingness to let go and enjoy who I am and where I'm at. Of course, both also involve a *lot* of strength, endurance, and flexibility (of which I have little).

Some of the goals I have in mind are:

  • Having upper body strength is *essential* to both forms of expression, moreso in pole dancing. I will need to be able to hold myself up with confidence and relative ease. This requires that I can successfully complete pushups, pullups, rows, etc.
  • Having core strength is important to both dances, and in life. 
  • Having leg strength is *super* important. As a side note, I broke my ankle about 4 years ago now, and the hardware is still there. I never did seek physical therapy (my doctor at the time informed that it wasn't important *sigh*) and as a result,  I have greatly reduced leg strength on my left side. You can even see the difference in my thigh sizes. I have weak ankles and flat feet, so it's imperative that I work on this aspect of myself.
  • Last, but not least, I need to loose weight. I'm sitting at 200lbs at a height of 5'6". This is unacceptable. I look and feel horrible, so it's time to work on that. 

I'm sure more cohesive goals will come to mind as we progress through this. Hopefully I can keep this up.


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