Get back up to speed for mountaineering this summer.

Undergraduate was busy, but I still managed to spend a lot of time outdoors and stayed in great shape because of it. After graduation I started my own company, and over the course of a few years I found less and less time outdoors, and got out of shape. I've already been pushing pretty hard for a few months now, but my goal is to be back in the shape necessary to enjoy climbing again by prime alpine season, around mid summer.

Currently I'm doing weight training three times per week, with at least an hour of aerobic exercise the remaining four days. I've been trying to get a (5+ mile) hike in at least once a week, but so far I've only managed 4 in the last 6 weeks-- hoping to improve on that. Once I build up a strong aerobic base I'll start doing some more intense interval  (fartek?) training and work on my grip strength, probably late april or so.


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