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Get Your 4 -8 Year Old To Create A Story Using Their Favourite Toy.

I'm a writer and I also successfully Home Educated my son to be the A student that he is today.In this class I combine my craft with my experience to get kids creating.  I see children and adults alike wanting to write stories but they can't get it down or out in a logical sense. Many haven't got the confidence to do it and some haven't got the desire to do it because deep down they believe that they can't. This course helps to build confidence, create desire and develop story writing skills.


On this writing journey, I use a simple children's story- Stuart Gets Lost -  that I had published in a national magazine to take a child step by step into creating their very own story using their favourite toy.The main character (Tom)  is based on my son, Will, his favourite toy, Stuart and Mildred, our black cat.

The class will be able to watch two of my characters, Captain Digger and Rory Rabbit on video clips learning how to write a story in a fun way. With each step, the child will then have the opportunity to download and print fun story mapping sheets that I have created so that they can build their own story up.

This course is aimed at kids 4 - 8.

  • At the older end of the range, it can be used to help children that have no confidence in their creativity to write a story. Quite often children can handwrite or type but they don't believe that they can create something and write it down. The exercises on the course will help to develop the child's confidence and writing skills.
  • At the younger end of the scale, people often assume that children need to be able to write at a certain level before they can create stories. This is not true and this course will give children that may be simply just able to write their own name have the best start when it comes to story writing. Basically, this course will give your child the springboard to create a story and you the parent, guardian or teacher simply need to write or type it up for them. You can even record their voice telling the story. This way you can create the desire to write in even the smallest kid. 

Can you imagine your child's face if you take these easy steps with them and then they have a story with their name on it? Yes, they will beam - in fact, it would most likely create the confidence so that they will keep on writing.

The course can be used over and over as I have created a slideshow of main characters sheets that can be downloaded and I will regularly be updating this and adding more. 









Furthermore, your child will be able to upload their stories for feedback. You will find this very useful as I have a BA (Hons) Literature, M.A. Creative Writing, have had children's stories and articles published in a national magazine, my children's play has toured schools, I've published thousands of SEO articles for businesses and have some new children's books coming out shortly.Most importantly, I've spent years working with my son and other kids to get them writing and my methods work.

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This course has been developed with love as I keep asking myself the same question that I used over and over when I educated my son - how can I get these great kids to be the best that they can be? This is my journey - I hope that you will  share it with me.

Coming soon -    Get Your 4 -8 Year Old To Create A Story Using Their Favourite Toy.


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