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Melissa Wentzel

Graphic Designer & Illustrator



Get Up Offa That Thing

Project Step 1:

I am no longer sure of how I got there, it was somewhere on pinterest that I discovered the work of Jonathan Lax (also known as YONIL)

More specifically, I discovered this series of typographical Beatles lyric posters:


I was immediately inspired to create a lyric poster of my own! I wasn't even thinking of this project in particular when my whole idea blossomed in my head, it was only afterwards that I thought it would be the perfect subject for this challenge.

The lyric I have chosen is by James Brown, the funk master himself, and it is:

"Get up offa that thing and dance til you feel better"

A great lyric and also motivational saying, and just so damn groovy a song, that it does just that, it makes you wanna get out there and do stuff!

I started thinking further; of how I would represent the lyric within my poster design.

James Brown was of course, renowned for his funky dance moves; so I thought about how one could represent that visually. I then thought of those retro dance instruction posters, you know the ones...


And the whole thing came together from there! So here are my intitial sketches, with the idea being that I would illustrate a dance move of James Brown and write the lyrics inside the shoe prints, so as to form the imprint itself.


Project Step 2:

My second project step is soooo late, but here it is nontheless.

I already know how my dance moves are gonna flow, so I drew the four shoe prints I will need and then sketched my lettering in it, after which I inked it. And here it is!


......I have mixed feelings.....

I am not at all happy with the "dance til you" part and looking at it more I start doubting everything.

Feedback and critique would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks guys!


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