Get Up & Keep It Moving

Get Up & Keep It Moving - student project

03.21.13 / UPDATE

Decided to add some whites inside "MOVING" to give it more negative space and hopefully it would balance out with the rest of the letters. I'll refine it more when I translate this digitally.

Get Up & Keep It Moving - image 1 - student project

03.20.13 / INTRO

I'm so behind with this project but I'm glad I was able to reach a good place for me to develop on.

I was a big fan of bubble letters years ago and never experimented on other styles until I stumbled upon this class and thought it'll be fun to try something else. 

My quote stemmed from my daily struggle to find motivation and so I thought of an optimistic phrase to battle that.  This is probably my fourth iteration and I'm still in the process of lightening the weights of "AND" and "MOVING" as well as finish up the outside decorations / details. 

Any feedback/s would be wonderful! :)

Get Up & Keep It Moving - image 2 - student project