Get Strong, Flexible, and Shapely

I have been lifting weights off and on for a few years now.  My wife and I did P90X twice, but never really saw any real strength or size gains.  After that we did Starting Strength until I injured my back doing a deadlift with bad form.  I am working towards my black belt in Tae Kwon Do.

Current numbers:

Weight 175lb, Squat 210lb, Bench 180lb, DL 180lb, OHP 100lb, 11 Pullups

Lifestyle goals:

1. Yoga once a week to help with reduce stress, and increase my calm.  :)

2. Learn how to hit my macro nutrient requirements to gain muscle without gaining to much fat, and how to cut fat without sacrificing to much muscle.

3. Feel strong all the time.

Metric goals:

1. Move from "beginner" weight lifter to intermediate, measured by weight, as referenced by SS.

2. Advance belts during every available belt test for TKD (April, and October)

3. Completely fill out size medium shirts.

4. I would prefer to keep my weight below 180lbs until or unless my body fat % is low, and the only way to add more muscle is to go over that weight.

Goal numbers:

Weight 180lb, Squat 270lb, Bench 200lb, DL 315lb, OHP 140, 225x4 Pullups 


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