Get Real Loyal Followers

Get Real Loyal Followers - student project

Updated today on October 5th!

A workshop is hosted in the Skillshare Workshop Page:

Join us!  Do your projects in this Project Area!  

Prizes will be given: $10, $5, $3 - Who will be our lucky winners?

Let's have some fun together!


One of the thing I really like about the Skillshare platform is that I get to know my followers easily.  It is not a cold and dry platform.  I also get bonded with many other Skillshare teachers.  I can take their classes and become their loyal followers too because they create great value in their classes.  

I want to take the opportunity to thank all of you for your support.  

And David Ault, I saw you coming in as soon as my class went live.  Thank you for your support and immediate review. You set a great example for me and I want to FOLLOW your example.

I may be ahead of many people in Udemy, but when it comes to Skillshare, I only started in January and only became active since May and loving every minute of this because of these bond and connections with fellow Skillshare instructors.

Please do your projects:  Follow me as I follow you!

Rosa Suen ♫

Skillshare Coach: Follow Me ☺♫