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Get Out - Travel Adventure App

I wanted to create an app that lets users find things such as campspots, trails, scenic routes, climbing spots, etc all in one spot. Specifically I wanted to let users either spontaneously find a destination while on the go, or plan a trip near or far. Users can also browse trending destinations to either increase their motivation to take a trip or to gain further insight into future desired destinations.

Ideally a user could filter their searches and profile to allow them to explore and search destinations that cater more towards their interests. While "Exploring > Trending" users can see a % of how much that destination might match up with their interests. 

When searching on the go users should be able to filter their search down to display things such as unknown trail spots, scenic routes and specific campites. They can also cater their searches to display desitinations with desired amentities such as "dog friendly", etc.

A user can begin a trip and start to plan, or set destinations with out specifing trips. This allows the users to quickly find a spot on the road and not worry with an intricate ordeal of designing a long trip. Yet, a user can plan a trip, name it, and begin setting times, desinations and invite friends to view spots or join the trip.

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