Get Organized!

Welp, right now I'm having a terrible time of managing all of what I want to do vs. all that I have to do for work. I feel like I keep having to work outside of work, which prevents me from any sort of social life or making anything that I want. So my goals are to improve my productivity both at home and at work. 

My current workflow is a mess. It's litterally a never ending stack of papers of revised and then revised again task lists. This worked in the past when my projects were fairly straight forward and much fewer but I find myself struggling to keep afloat. I hope this class brings much needed clarity to my task list and how to manage it better.

Phase 1:
Holy cow! I have 107 items in my inbox in todolist! No wonder I've been stressing lately. I'm certainly going to have to prioritize and minimize if I want to get every thing done. This was a very very good excersize. 

Phase 2: Whew, that was alot of work! I ended up creating more on my task list as I went too. I'm not sure how well I separated them out though. I have so many projects but I think that they need to be even more specific. I have all of the first steps in place, though I do need to add deadlines.


UPDATE: 3/28

I've had this update for a while now and I defintely like it better with everything under a few main groups and all of the projects stacked under those. I can already see how my productivity has increased and I'm making very good use of the due date feature. Everything is now in my daily task list.


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