Get Healthy!

My fitness goals are to:
- fit more exercises and activities into my life that I actually enjoy, like hiking and swimming

-be active everyday

- eliminate empty food like soda and sugary drinks from my diet completely. I already eat pretty healthy and don't eat out at all, I just need to say no to the free drinks in the break room fridge!

- to be able to limit my bad days with chronic myofascial pain and maximize my good days :)

1/24 - 

I have successfully gone a week without drinking sugary drinks at work, or snacking on bad snacks there. I need to find a way to stop mindlessly munching when I am at home and doing some online classes, AKA I need to make my dinners more filling and nutritious. I haven't gone up to working out everyday yet, but I'm doing it more than one a week, where before I would be going less than that. A few times a week to start is better than none. I want to reach my goal of being active everyday.


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