Get Fit

Now's the time the time is now...

I just want to be fit. I'm sick of being out of breath and tired and sore. Arthritis has been my excuse. It wont be anymore. 

I guess it's time to post my goals...
First and foremost - do not injure myself
Run a 5k
Ride my bike 51 miles on one trip
Do 51 push ups
Deadlift my bodyweight

Weigh less than 200 pounds by 2014

As of right now I can

run a mile on a treadmill in about 15 minutes - walking occasionally

Ride for a couple of miles

Do one push up

Cant deadlift anything 

Weigh 237 pounds

I have joind Fitocracy and the gym at work. Iam going there everyday during my lunch and either running or lifting. Everything is at the baby step level but I am feeling good.

I will take measurements of my progress once a month

For the first month my goal is to introduce myself to exercise and become good friends. Starting Febuary 1st I will up the intensity and focus on improving stamina and strength. 

As for diet - I am a relatively healthy eater with a weakness for snacks and problem with portions. I dont eat fast food and hardly drink soda or sugary beverages (maybe once a month). I do enjoy my cocktails and am a home brewer and winemaker. 

So what is my deatiled plan?

Be in the gym each day I am at work - mainly during my lunch hour. I can eat lunch at my desk after I work out. 

For the month af January I am going to primarily get used to moving again. M-W-F on the treadmill and eliptical, T-Th spent lifting weights and using other equipment. Come Febuary I plan on increasing the intensity of those activities. Faster speeds and heavier weights with more reps. At the beginning of March I plan another fitness appraisal and will adjust from there. As the weather improves I plan to start biking one the weekends. Each month I will assess my progress and look to change up what I am doing. 

I have been tracking all activities in Fitocracy daily. 


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