Get Fighting Fit

I was hoping the title & picture would tell it all. That's not a photo of me by the way, even though I wish it was. It's Gina Carano, one of the few pro female MMA fighters. I don't know that I'll go professional since I'm too comfortable with a white collar profession and career, but I'd like to compete in fights to learn how much I've learned in martial arts. 

So, how did I get to this point? I've always loved those Kung Fu and fight movies - clean knock outs and kills - and I've had a few brushes with violence so I had some interest in martial arts. I did a bit of Karate in my teens but was rather put off by the style of teaching - too much form and too little street fight. Then a boyfriend who was into martial arts and cage fights introduced me to it and I got interested in it. I have been doing it on and off but the training and conditioning is actually quite challenging.  

Also I have a problem with my weight. I gain and lose weight depending on how well I eat and how active I am and I can go from very little exercise to manic exercising. However, having weight loss as a goal has never been a driver for me and I doubt it ever will. It's just not the thing to get me constantly training and experiencing DOMs. Analysing my past history led me to conclude that I needed competitive goals - be it a 60km bike ride or a 24 hour kayak race or a fight, I needed a focus where ramping up fitness and skill was important. 


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