Anwaar Saleh

Fashion illustrator and pattern designer.



Get Creative with Patterns

Although I chose two specific patterns for this class, but you can draw your ow patterns. Experiment as much as you can and I'd like to see your attempts for me to give you feedback on your work.

Project Description:

This assignment is fairly easy. For instance, if the runway look you chose has patterns on the dress you can copy the same pattern but draw it your own way. You don’t have to mimic it exactly. Also, you are free to choose the pattern you want to incorporate on the dress itself. So your final project will consist of an illustrate patterned dress.

I'd like to see the process of creating your patterns from the scratch.  It's important especially when designing patterns more professionally. It helps you notice the progress you did after months.


  • Create your own pattern on a runway look.
  • Draw random patterns on a scrap paper ( Optional ).
  • Show the procees of drawing your patterns from the scratch on a piece of paper before painting it on your fashion illustration.

This class is mainly about drawing patterns on fashion illustrations so I'll show you several illustrations where I added my own patterns to including the ones from this class:



The following are other illustrations I worked on and added my own patterns to them:



You can get really creative when adding patterns to your illustrations and designs. Practice more and experiment as much as you can to get the result that you want. Also, there is no limit to what markers,  inks, papers ... etc you can use.

Lastly, if you have any questions go ahead and I'll definitely answer them.


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