Get "British Military" fit

As outlined in the Fitocracy group...

Having thought about this a lot, I've dismissed the things I personally don't find important, such as total body weight, and boiled it down to just two points: body fat % and a fitness rating test, for which I've chosen the British Military Fitness test.

My current state
Body fat: unknown but not great
British Military Fitness rating: 80 (The running part of the test failed as timer didn't work, so this will increase in Feb)

Body fat: 20%
BMF rating: 350


Once I have February's test score, I will then project some milestones on the way to 350. I have no idea where I'm at right now in terms of the actual score I'm capable of, so I intend for February to be my real starting point. It also happens to coincide with the opening date for the gym I'm signed up for, so I will be improving a lot from then onwards.


Update 1

So I've been hunting for somewhere to measure body fat but so far no luck. My gym now opens in a week so hopefully they will be equipped to measure it, and of course my workouts will start up properly.

In the mean time, to keep myself entertained, I've started training with my girlfriend who currently does spin 3 times a week and 4 other classes, on top of horse riding every day. Turns out she's a lot fitter than me, which is obviously disappointing for such a macho man as myself (actually laughing as I wrote that), so I'm getting into the routine of being sore every day from exercise again which is the best bit to get past before starting at the gym again. On top of that, I've also been to be tested for diabetes, which I have now confirmed I do not have, but I have found out that I suffer from hypoglycaemia. After finding that out, I've put in place steps to ensure I'm never far from glucose sources (HypoWallet in my cycling bag and in my girlfriend's car) and am looking forward to training more to see how this will affect how I feel day to day and see if it has any affect on my condition.

Love sorting stuff out!


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