Gestures - student project


I really struggle with quick gesture drawing, particularly with proportions. And I always draw them too big at first, even when I am really trying not to!


Gestures - image 1 - student projectGestures - image 2 - student project


Some of the bonus assignments

Gestures - image 3 - student project


I started getting into the AFL & AFLW and some dynamic speccy's. There were some tricky perspectives (of limbs) that I don't really know how to articulate with stick figures! Also, I found again that I struggled to communicate what's in front and back with just the stick figures.

Gestures - image 4 - student project




I finished up with some fashion models - through the ages. Can you tell which eras they are from via their gesture?!

Gestures - image 5 - student project


Well, I am going to keep practicing...