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Happy Saturday! 5/18

I wasn’t sure where to ask my questions- So I have been practicing trying to understand shape and since repetition is key... Am I on the right track?  Where do I go from here?  Should I just keep practicing these shapes and fill 10 sheets? Thanks so much!


Gesture - image 1 - student project




Thank you so much for preparing and teaching this class!  It was invaluable.  I am a beginner artist and last year I attended a live gesture drawing session.  I was way in over my head and had no idea what I was doing. Much appreciation for the direction on starting with a body part.  It helps knowing I don’t have to capture the full figure. Thanks to this class, I now have a better understanding.  By NO means have I mastered it, but at least now have a launchpad.

Gesture - image 2 - student projectGesture - image 3 - student projectGesture - image 4 - student project

Norma Black
Artist and Teacher