Gesture Drawing

Gesture Drawing - student project

I already have a few years experience with figure drawing, but I never really got actual theorical knowledge on how to do it properly, so this class taught me a lot in that regard.

For my first attempt, I simply used an HB pencil since that's what I use the most when drawing. 

Gesture Drawing - image 1 - student project

However, I know that I tend to focus a lot on construction and that my drawings might sometimes be too rigid because of this.

So for my second attempt, I forced myself to let go of construction by completely changing my tools. So I picked up a thick charcoal pencil instead.

Gesture Drawing - image 2 - student project

In the end, I'm actually quite pleased with the result. The charcoal drawings definitely look less stiff and more life-like. It's also a lot more relaxing to draw more loosely in my opinion.

✽ Mallaury ✽
Graphic Designer & Illustrator