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Gertrude Stein's salon, or formula 1 racetracks

I've had a few sugjects that I want to explore that I felt had enough data to make interesting graohic stories

1. Saturday morning cartoons from 1980-1989 (I'm definitely a child of the 80's)

2. Formula 1 race circuits from around the world. Visually, I think this could be interesting becasue they take one such differenyt shapes, combined with the geogrpaphy and other interesting definining characteritics (i.e. types of turns per track, hairpins, cork screws, etc..)

3. The circles of Gertrude steins Salon. I've always been facinitaing with the writers and artists that lived in Paris in the early 20th century. They seem to all be conneceted through Gertrude Stein and I'd like to do a map/graph of the who's who of her inner (an outer )circles.This would show an overview of a very unique network of individuals that were fanous in their own right and all hung out together via the "salon gatherings" It would show who was she closest to, the chain of intivitees (for example she invited Picasso, and Picassoi invited Geroges Braques), and what were the inner feuds (Hemmingway vs. Zelda Fitzgerald) and who was in and then out (i.e. James Joyce) She had a great influence on a vast amount of influenctial writers and wrtists and it would be interesting to see all the relationships.

I've done the most research with this but still vacilaiting

between this and the race tracks..


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