Gerry's 2013 Weight and Fitness Goals

Starting stats:

Body weight - 188 lbs

Body fat - ~20%

Max Military Press - 125x4, Estimated 1RM - 141 lbs


Body weight by April 1 - 170 lbs

Body fat by April 1 - ~10% (i.e. minimum of solid 4.5-pack abs)

Repped Military Press by end of year - > 1x BW (i.e. not an estimated 1 RM, but doing reps for > BW)

Lofty goal - Military Press for 270 lbs (i.e. press my dad)

Weight Loss Plan

Have been practicing 16/8 fasting since Jan 2, 2012.  Continuing now with 1500/(2500-3000) calorie and carb cycling.  Eating is under control and macros are met.  Tracking daily weight measurements on Hacker's Diet.

Strength Goals Plans

RPT style training during weight loss phase with variants thrown in to keep me happy.  When attempting the heaviest 6 rep set, if I fail to meet the rep target, I'm allowed up to 2 additional sets depending on energy levels (i.e. on strong days, it'll be 3 sets at training weight, on weak days only 1 set). Back off targets begin at -10% x 8 and -20% x 10.  Any time back off set rep targets are met with a rep in the tank, those weights are increased 5lbs for next session independently of max training weight.


Monday/Wednesday/Friday - When I wake up at least 50 pull ups, 50 single leg lunge/squat variants, 100 push ups


Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday - T/Th at work over lunch, Saturday hot power yoga


Sunday - Back Squats at 55-60% 3x10 (may substitute with front squats as I feel); Millitary Press - RPT; Deadlift - RPT

Tuesday - Back Squats - RPT; Bench Press - RPT; Kroc Rows - superset with Bench Press

Thursday - Back Squats - 20 rep, separate weight target from RPT.  I love the feeling of 20 rep squats and I hope it helps maintain my legs for commuting to/from work by bike in the summer; Behind the Neck Press - RPT; Weighted Pull Ups - RPT

Saturday - Optional conditioning during fasted state after yoga. Tabata/Interval/Runs, whatever stupid stuff I feel ike if I have energy or am going to go out drinking.

Starting Photos:

Taken December 30, 2012

Update 15-Jan-2012

Have already joined Fitocracy group.

This morning's weight - 181.3 lbs.  Tracking perfectly.  Even had a lovely holiday party this weekend where I got to eat all of the meat.  Buffet + LeanGains = win.


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