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Jody Linn

Artist, conservator, cake provider, insomniac.




It brightened up a lot as the background cleaned up. I'm looking forward to playing around with different colourways.

It's not perfectly straight but I didn't square the paper before I started. I'll probably keep doodling on this for a while, playing with the line thickness.

All of the larger circles were positioned during the first part of the exercise, before I cut the paper but it didn't seem to make a lot of difference as I covered most of the sheet at that stage. Next up... squares!

Decided to go with colour instead. It definitely looks more germ-y.

I will definitely play more with the colourways, I'm not thrilled with the blue one yet but there it is ;D

I actually really liked playing with the pattern scale for the garment. The supersized one was just the first run before I resized the colourway but I liked it!

I'm not so keen on it as wallpaper which is unfortunate because I've got someone who's actually interested in buying for that. Not this pink one, the basic one with the white background for her bathroom haha ;D

I'm not sure that I can complete the paragraph assignment as this class was the first time that I've worked with most of these formats. My Photoshop experience was quite limited and I feel that I really need to work through the process a few more times before I can designate a favourite. I've had the most experience with jpegs digitally.


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