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Andrew Gerend

Art Direction & Design



Gerend Family Crest


German & Belgian...settled in Wisconsin, imagine that.

I don't have a lot of information about my great grandparents so I decided to focus on the memories of my grandparents, parents, and my own family. 

My Grandfather was a business man but one whose buiness was building furniture. This buisness never made its way into my fathers hands but the love of using your hands and craftmanship did. The dovetail joint on the shield is in honor of my grandfather and stands for quality in all you do. 

I was raised in central Wisconsin in a little town called Marshfield. The cattails are in honor of my birthplace. 

My parents loved the outdoors. I remember being quizzed by my father on birds and their calls everytime we were outside. My Father's favorite bird was the Kingfisher.   

I come from a family where God is the reason we are here. I believe you should never stop learning. 

I have a family of my own now...a wife and two girls. I hope to pass these ideals and beliefs on to them and I hope they add their own experiences to the next time the Gerend Family Crest is redesigned.

Thanks for the great lesson.

Progress pictures,reference material, and color verisons to come....

The Gerend Family Crest.


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