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Georgia Quail Plantations

Quail Hunting is about as Georgian as UGA football and pecan pie. It is the most revered hunting sport in the state and is what one would call a gentleman’s sport. Walking through the broomsage and planted pines of southwest Georgia has transfixed hunters for decades. The sport of quail hunting has brought a massive amount of commerce to the state especially southwest Georgia. It is appeals to hunters across the board but especially the “high class” individual. Presidents, Senators, foreign dignitaries, and many other individuals of high social status all partake in quail hunting. There is a plethora of fine handcrafted shotguns, immaculate clothing, and even more spectacular plantation properties that show just how well this sport is revered. We chose to present data on quail plantations in Georgia to show just how widespread these properties are and also to allow people to understand not only the positive economic impact it has on the state but also the preservation of wildlife habitat. Our quote came from the magazine “Quail Forever” which is a conservation group much like Ducks Unlimited. “Quail forever is a grassroots conservation organization at its core. That is, QF is built upon the shoulders of mainly hunters who volunteer to raise funds to invest in local upland habitat projects for quail and other game and non-game wildlife, water quality, soil protection and recruiting the next generation of hunter-conservationists.” It is essential to realize that without quail plantations and hunter-conservationists there is a chance that future generations will not be able to enjoy the same wildlife that we have. This is why you should support groups like quail forever and ducks unlimited and any other conservation group for wildlife. Below is our data that focuses on some popular plantations in Southwest Georgia and some in a few other areas of the state. Southwest Georgia is the world’s mecca for quail hunting due to its natural habitat for the bird. In our data we recorded Planation acreage, location, longitude, latitude, and the most popular animal that was hunted/conserved.





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