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Georgetown University Hoyas Basketball Uniform Design


For my project, I will be designing a basketball uniform set for my school, the Georgetown University Hoyas. I started, but never finished, a project to redesign the entire althetic program, all sports included; this is in effect a restart of that project, starting with our most prominent sport, basketball, and then maybe including some preliminary designs for other sports as well.  As a result, I'll be focusing mostly on the history of the school in my design, as I want to create a brand that I can then employ in other sports as well. 

First off, I want to incorporate a bit of the school's basic history.  The university was established in 1789, founded by John Carroll, and is perhaps best recognized by Healy Hall, pictured below (also visible is the statue of John Carroll in Healy Circle).

Another extremely important aspect of Georgetown history is the "HOYA SAXA" chant/motto/phrase/saying/whatever.  Every student knows it, it's the source of the nickname "Hoyas"... It's extremely important. So I'll definitely want to include it in some way.

Also important is the school's location in Washington, DC.  Being in the nation's capital is one of the most important parts of the school's identity, so I may try to incorporate some DC imagery.

On to more basketball elements, the team has made four final four appearances, including a national championship in 1984; I'll definitely try to include these feats in the basketball uniform's design.

Furthermore, since the mid-90's, the basketball team has used a kente cloth pattern on their uniforms.  Originally a direct statement of African-American pride (the team was primarily black, with a black coach, in a primarily black city with a black mayor), it has since become a fundamental part of the team's look.  The image below shows both actual kente cloth and the original uniforms that used the design.  I'd like to "rebrand" this element as a statement of the school's diversity and use it in some way across the entire project.

Finally, in my original research, I found that besides the kente cloth, the only other sport with a definitive "brand" is the rubgy team, which has used the same blue and gray stripe design since its inception.  I'd like to take this pattern and employ it across other sports.

So there you have it, that's most of the ideas I have for this project.  I guess we'll see which ones end up being incorporated into the final design!

First Ideas:

First off, I forgot to include uniform technology in my original post.  This design will be using Nike's Hyper Elite uniform technology, which is probably the most advanced basketball uniform technology as of right now.  In fact, Georgetown wore such uniforms for one game this past season:

Note that despite the jerseys being Air Jordan brand and not Nike, the construction seems to be identical to the Nike brand jerseys (as they are both the same company).

I'll be uploading the preliminary designs (there are tons of options) later this afternoon.

Sorry it took so long, here are all the preliminary designs. There are a TON of options, and I'm not even showing all of them here. If you think a certain element would look good with another element, let me know, because there's a 90% chance I just decided not to include it in this massive set.

Actually, because there's so many designs, and I can't be bothered to upload all of them, here are the links to view them on my Tumblr.

Let me know what you think!


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