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Georges Brassens

I chose to make a poster on Georges Brassens. He is a french singer who turns into songs poems he write. He likes to shock the so called respectable people.

He is considered to be part of La chanson Française (the french song tradition) but in his texts he loves to laugh at bourgeois, judges, police officers...

He is often represented with a mustache, a pipe and a guitar. I decided to represent him with only two attributes to avoid overcharge the drawing.

First of all, I made a lot of sketches to decide the composition and the elements of my poster:

Then I drew what I thought was my final drawing:

But when i numerized it I wanted to change a lot of details. So, heres my very final poster:

I had a lot of fun with this poster. In a first place, I decided to make the typography more dynamic by scattering the letters. I wanted to highlight the character and to do so, I put the blue letter below the black frame thus the letters are visible only through light. I thought without light my backgroud would be boring so I added the counterform of some letters. This creates a mystery around these abstract forms but reveals its logic when you see the letters below.

I chose simple colours blue, yellow and black. Overall, the atmosphere of the poster is calm but the characteristic of Georges Brassens was found in the yellow touches which dynamize the whole.

To finish, heres my different separations:

Last modifications


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