Geometric Wolf

Geometric Wolf - student project

Hey there! My name is Trevor Hernandez and I'm an Graphic Design student. So for my project the animal that I decided to illustrate was a wolf. I started out with finding some reference photos of wolves f and then also looking at some other wolf illustrations as well as some decorative patterns.

Geometric Wolf - image 1 - student project

Geometric Wolf - image 2 - student project

From there I started sketching and came up with this for my final sketch.

Geometric Wolf - image 3 - student project


From there are took my sketch into illustrator and started creating shapes the shapes that I had.

Geometric Wolf - image 4 - student project

Adding a more detail.

Geometric Wolf - image 5 - student project

Geometric Wolf - image 6 - student project

After I thought that I had gotten all of the main basic shapes done and in the way I wanted them I started to add some detail. Also in this step I decided that I didn't like how long the snout of my wolf was so I shortened it.

Geometric Wolf - image 7 - student project

After making some final adjustments and adding a background, I stated adding some shading.

Geometric Wolf - image 8 - student project

Finally for some last touches I add some texture to both the wolf and background.

Geometric Wolf - image 9 - student project

I had a great time work on this project! If anyone has feed back that would be super appreciated! Thanks for looking!