Geometric Themes

Geometric Themes - student project

From the Geometric Themes - image 1 - student project

First Geometric Pattern.  Shapes pointing in different directions with the message Follow Your Gut.


Geometric Themes - image 2 - student project
I heard Liz say, "pyramid" and I said OK.  I took the Mayan pyramid Chichen Itza as my centerpiece and everything then followed.  I added organic, floral patterns with the geometric shapes.  So I went outside of the parameters a little. With the pyramid, I wanted a space/universe theme up top and a harvest, Earth theme below.  So I didn't do symmetry but I went for balance.  The patterns created by Liz just made this flow easily.

Geometric Themes - image 3 - student project

I really was ready to move on when I was done.  But Liz showed he we can push it further.  And, wow.  She's right.

Geometric Themes - image 4 - student project

The theme I was going for was hypnosis. 


Great Class!